Whatever their uniform, we think of them all, Those brave men and women, so proud and so tall As we were once in their ranks, (be it air, land or sea), We know of the sacrifice, to keep us all free

Of those never served, many don’t know, that the troops are our friends; that they're no real foe, They fight for our freedom, our hopes and our dreams, so stand and applaud, when you see one in greens... or blues....

Stand as a nation, showing they’re not alone, that we are all waiting, for their safe return home, As veterans we know, the commitment that’s made ,in keeping our shores safe, that none can invade

This tribute to our forces, is because we all care, for all our brave troops, for all those who dare Next time you see one, please take a stand, show them they're special, by shaking their hand…

Author: Tony Curle